0.0.29 – 0.0.30 Major release!

0.0.29 – 0.0.30 Major release!

Hi everyone, we’ve released a new build to the Google Play Store. This release was a big one so let’s break down all of the changes.

Ad Rework

We have removed the ad that is available for gold every 90 seconds as players felt this was overpowered and forced too many ads onto the player.

We’ve added “Free Boosts” in the shop now that players can activate by watching an ad. Each ad adds 60 minutes to whatever powerup the player wants.

Our goal is to not force a player to watch tons of ads just to get ahead with gold.

We have also added a small banner ad that is only visible when upgrading balls, stages, or cards. Let us know if you feel this is unobtrusive as we are trying to still monetize the game effectively without overdoing the ads.

Goal Rework

We have reworked the goal of the game to be earning a set amount of gold per island instead of maxing out each ball and stage. We felt this was easier for players to understand and it equates to roughly the same amount of time/effort it is just visualized differently.

There is now a visual representation of how far you have progressed gold wise at the top of your screen along with a visual output of your gold per second value.

Island Tweaks

We are working on tweaking each stage of each island to make them play smoother. So far stage 1 on both islands have been tweaked as well as stage 5 of the relaxation island. Let us know what you think of the new tweaks! The goal is to make initial game play smoother and faster, less boring, while waiting for your first balls to make their way through the first stages.

Trophy Rework

A lot of work is going into some new features that will be covered shortly but the trophy reward per difficulty mode have been tweaked to:

  • Easy: 5
  • Medium: 10
  • Hard: 20
  • Insane: 40


Check out the “Balls” section of the shop! We now have ball themes that you can unlock with gems to change the graphics for all balls. We have a TON more ideas for cosmetics coming in the next few versions that tie into the new features we are working on.

Max Offline Time

The max offline time has been increased from 4 hours to 8 hours. We are working on cards that will increase this even longer.


This is the first look at how enemies will work. Right now the enemies are the same for both islands but our artists are hard at work creating unique enemies for each island. Here’s a preview of some of the enemies that are being designed:

Enemies won’t destroy your balls but they’ll reward you gold if you tap on them!

Let us know what you think of the enemies.

Other Tweaks/Fixes

Ball positions are now saved between sessions so you don’t have to start from scratch each time you switch difficulty modes or islands.

Added buttons at the bottom of Balls/Stages/Cards

Coming Soon Feature Preview

New Islands

We are working on 3 new islands currently!

All 3 of them will be available this month so keep an eye out for them.

Seasons / Community Events / Tournament Rework

We are working on major content updates that we are hoping to release this month still. One of the new major features are seasons that have both player rewards and community rewards based on how active you are individually and how active the entire community is together.

Season trophies are collected by completing difficulty modes and completing daily & weekly missions. As you earn trophies you will unlock awesome prizes both for yourself, but also for everyone in the community that participates in the current seasons.

The entire community will work together to unlock as many milestones as they can each season for huge prizes that the entire community can collect!

We’ll keep track of all sorts of stats so that you can still stand out from other players on leaderboards but we wanted to replace the current tournament system with something that had a more lasting impact and allowed teamwork between players in the community.

Players can unlock cosmetics, achievements, and gem prizes by participating in season events.

We’ll have more information on how seasons will work as we get closer to releasing them!

In App Purchases

We are working on packs that players can purchase to help support the game without being overpowered compared to other players. We will have more information on these packs as they get closer to completion, but just know we want to stay away from any pay to win aspects of in app purchases and want to keep a fair playing field for all players.

Player Rewards

We will be removing the player tournaments around ads and surveys and instead rewarding players based on milestones for each activity. This allows all players to be rewarded for helping to support the game without needing to compete against other players.

For example, every 10 ads you watch you could earn bonus gems, and as you progress through the reward milestones you’ll unlock cosmetics, achievements, and massive gem packs for supporting our game!

Player Profiles

We’re working on the ability for players to have public profiles that list their achievements, current season stats, and show off your awesome cosmetics that you have unlocked.


We wanted a way for players to have a longer term sense of accomplishment so we are adding in permanent achievement unlocks for various aspects of the game including season milestones, completion milestones, and all sorts of other things. These will be featured on your public profile so everyone will know how much of the game you’ve completed!

We have a ton of stuff in the works and we really want this game to be the best that it can be. If you have any feedback at all please let us know!

You can reach us at [email protected]